Support and Representation

You can expect

We expect you


Opportunities for you to interact and socialise with other students. 

To be a member of and represented at all levels by a democratically elected Students’ Union. 

A range of societies and volunteering experiences to enhance your personal and professional development. 

A Course and Faculty representative to voice and feedback on your concerns and praise best practise at University level. 

To have free access to the support services and enabling facilities available to you on issues that surround your academic life and wellbeing.  

To have access to fully trained advisors in the Students’ Union who are independent from the University. 

To have opportunities to feedback on all aspects of the University and Students’ Union through the student voice.

To have any responses to feedback actively promoted. The right to appeal decisions made, ask for representation and make complaints without fear of recrimination, in accordance with the University’s procedures.

To seek out and take part in the opportunities and experiences provided. 

To register with the Students’ Union, vote in the Union elections, and get involved. 

To be proactive in utilising these opportunities to build your skills and experiences beyond your academic studies and enhance employment success. 

To be aware of your representatives and use them as a means of voicing course and Faculty concerns

To use the services provided so that you can be supported appropriately, and to register any disability that you may have or seek advice if you’re yet to be diagnosed. 

To seek advice and support from the Students’ Union or University services when you are experiencing problems. 

To participate in these opportunities to help continuously improve the student experience. 

To seek appropriate advice in the event of any problems or concerns. To raise any complaint or appeal in a professional manner if your problem is not resolved.