Examinations and Assessments

You can expect

We expect you

For your work to be assessed fairly and in a timely manner, with clear procedures for the arrangements of fair marking and moderation. 

For an external examiner to confirm the appropriateness of assessment tasks, and monitor the standards and performance across all courses and modules. To have access to their reports. 

To be reminded prior to each exam of the examination regulations, and for an invigilator to be present in examinations. 

Constructive feedback to be available in no more than four University* working weeks of the assessment submission deadline, with the option of more detailed feedback if you need it. 

To be given clear information on what constitutes academic misconduct and on the University’s use of Turnitin. To have support and help on how to avoid academic misconduct. 

To be treated fairly and in line with University regulations and policies if you need an extension or have any extenuating circumstances. 

To have the opportunity to access practice and example materials to aid revision.

To submit work before the deadline and to have thoroughly checked your work before submission and, as required, to only request a re-mark of work through the proper procedure. New Marking Scheme.

To understand the relevance of external examiners and take advantage of opportunities to read their reports. 

To become familiar with and abide by examination regulations. 

To collect your feedback and take on board the comments given and seek advice to help you improve your future work. 

To write your own original assessments that are referenced correctly and not to commit any academic misconduct. To ask for clarification if you are not sure. 

To seek help and support from your tutor or support services and make them aware of any personal circumstances which are affecting your work 

To make use of any revision opportunities given.

 * University Working weeks are those where the University is normally open – and so does not include Bank Holiday periods or closures at Christmas and Easter.