Before You Get Here

You can expect  We expect you

Your application for your course to be considered fairly and promptly and for there to be support and information on all other financial and course-related applications.

The University to be transparent about what is included in your tuition fee and any additional costs. Money Matters

That you will receive a welcome letter with key dates and enrolment instructions before your arrival, including an indicative timetable. Welcome

Access to an IT account, learning information systems, and study skills advice.

A recommended reading list, available electronically, identifying core texts and any available on-line resources. 

To be honest on these applications and take responsibility, where needed, to submit them on time. How To Apply

To make sure you have applied for financial support before any deadlines. To make sure you are aware of dates when tuition fees should be paid if you are paying the fees yourself and that you have sufficient funds in place to support your studies.

To make yourself familiar with the welcome information and to be available for key dates to help you prepare for university life.

To use the information provided to help prepare you for your academic life.

To have made yourself familiar with the core texts before arrival.