Student Charter

Working in partnership with you

The pathway towards achieving your degree is one with highs, lows and everything in between. However, you are not alone! Obtaining a degree is a partnership between the University and you. This student charter sets out what you are expected to give and what you gain by involving yourself in as much as possible.

You've made an amazing commitment... your future by choosing to come to University. It's important that you achieve the right balance between your studies, social, home and work life.

In order to succeed and achieve your goals during higher education, you will need to put the hard work in - but the University and Students' Union can support you in many ways to help you achieve your full potential and ensure this opportunity is the positive, life-changing experience you hoped it would be.

You'll need to engage...

...In course discussions, assessments and group tasks, and be responsible for your own learning. If you find speaking in public difficult, we have free courses to help build your confidence and allow you to make your valuable contribution heard.

The Students' Union can help you engage with the social side of University life - whatever you're interested in, grasp that chance to stretch yourself with like-minded people, whether through sport, societies, volunteering...there's so much available.

You've joined a vast, interesting, amazing community... that includes not just students and staff, but all those working at and with the University: our educational and business partners, learners and alumni across the world, and the people in the towns we operate in.

We'll provide you with important connections to help you progress, and encourage as well as cultivate your own links to the benefit of the University community. You are our ambassadors on placements, while volunteering, or working and socialising where you live.

It's important you stay in touch with us... case you need some help, but we also want to hear how you're getting on! You need to manage your studies and time, staying in contact with your tutor and classmates to make the most of your learning opportunities.

We expect you to be courteous, polite and to identify and report problems as soon as they arise. In return, you can expect to be consulted about any changes, and receive regular feedback, and voice your opinions through groups and questionnaires.

No-one can grow without help...

...and by committing to your studies, you've made the choice to grow and develop. We will aid your personal and academic progress - to help you build self-confidence, gain useful broad skills and knowledge for your subject.

Take the opportunity to seek advice from experts in your academic field, and develop new transformative talents and interests through University and Students' Union activities.

You'll put a lot of time and effort...

...into your studies and in developing your whole person to improve your future. Graduation doesn't mean the end though! You can continue to benefit from our support and guidance through the Alumni Association.

You can get expert careers advice, access to graduation schemes and jobs, business start-up support and much more. We hope you'll continue to engage with us and 'give something back' so the next generation of students can be inspired by your journey.