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The University of Wolverhampton’s CCTV system is a comprehensive image only system whose principal purpose is for the detection and prevention of crime and the safeguarding of all users of the University Estate, these cameras cover Telford, Walsall and City Campuses.  The images are monitored at a central control room at City Campus 24 hours a day by trained officers who all comply with the University Code of Practice and all relevant Data Protection legislation.

Code of Practice:

* Code of Practice (PDF 206K, Downloads file)

 Complaints Procedure:

* Student Complaint Form (Word doc 85k)

* Group Complaints Form (Word doc 97k)

* Complaints NON Students (Word doc 75k)

Annual Complaints Report:

Complaints Issues (2014-17) Total
Recieved 0
Dealt with 0

In November 2016, the University applied for and achieved accreditation from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, for its CCTV system and practices. This is a two part assessment and is taken to demonstrate the University’s commitment to following the best UK standards for CCTV usage, and show its commitment to the safety and security of our student, staff and visitors.

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CCTV Reports

CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment:

City CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF 142K, Downloads file)

Walsall CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF 142K, Downloads file)

Telford City CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF 142K, Downloads file)

UWSP Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF 141K, Downloads file)

CCTV Annual Reports:

CCTV Annual Report 2017 (PDF 307K, Downloads file)


For more information on the University's Safeguaring app 'Uniguard' please go to our Uniguard information page.

Access control

For more information on Access Control please consult Campus Operation's ID/Access Cards' page.

Barrier and Refuge Intercoms

All calls across this equipment may be monitored and recorded for training, quality and assurance purposes.