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Mr Sukhninder Panesar

Mr Sukhninder Panesar

Head of Law School

  • Email address
  • Phone number 01902 32 3149
  • Location Mary Seacole Building
  • Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Institute University of Wolverhampton Law School
  • Areas of expertise

    Equity and Trusts, Property Law, International Business and Trade Law.

Sukhninder Panesar has substantial teaching, research and management experience in Higher Education. He has over 25 years teaching experience in the areas of Equity and Trusts, Property law and International Business. As well as teaching in the UK, he has taught in many different countries including India, Mauritius, Middle East and Africa.

He has published widely in legal journals and is the author of two books in the field of Equity and Trusts and Property Law.

Property Law.
Equity and Trusts with reference to proprietary claims.
International Commercial Law with reference to regulating foreign direct investment.

Member of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)

LLM International Economic Law 1992 University of Warwick
LLB Business Law (First Class Honours) 1991 Coventry University

Third Edition of Equity and Trusts to be published November 2016.

Panesar S, Exploring Equity and the Law of Trust (April 2012) 2nd Edition. Harlow, Longman. 846pp ISBN: 9781405835381

Panesar S, Exploring Equity and the Law of Trust (2010) Harlow, Longman. 846pp ISBN: 9781405835381

Panesar S, General Principles of Property Law. (2001) Harlow: Longman. 192 pp. ISBN: 0582423325

Papers in Journals

Panesar S, Equity and the Law of Trust January 2017 3rd Edition. Harlow, Longman.

Panesar S, “Regulating the Multinational Company” Book Chapter in Foreign Investment Law (2016) Edited by C.Sural & E. Omeroglu Published by Seckie Publications.

Panesar, S. ‘Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Equitable Wrongs and Proprietary Remedies: Implications for Commercial Agents’ International Company and Commercial Law Review (2016) Vol. 27 Issue 8.

Panesar, S. ‘The Court’s Role in the Exercise of Trustees Momentous Decisions’ Trusts and Estates Law and Tax Journal (2015) No.163 pp4-6.

Panesar, S. ‘The Common Intention Constructive Trust and the Role of Illegality’ Property Law Journal (2015) No.328 pp26-28.

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External Academic Roles

  • External Examiner on the International Foundation Programme at Warwick University.
  • Previously External Examiner on LLM University of Derby.