Dr Shirin Housee

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Shirin Housee
Email address: S.Housee@wlv.ac.ukPhone number: 01902 32 3453Location: MH213, Mary Seacole Building (MH), Nursery Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1ADFaculty: Faculty of Social SciencesSchool/Institute: School of Social, Historical and Political Studies


Shirin Housee is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Wolverhampton. She has been involved with research endeavours in the field of education, with specific remits on access, progression and general equal opportunities for over 25 years. Her current projects are in anti-racist education in Higher Education. 

Shirin Housee has extensive experience in work on anti-racist pedagogy, much of her work focuses on classroom interaction, engagement, student group dialogue and staff to student discussions. In this work she argues that the teaching and learning experience of students are related to issues of identity and diversity that informs their sense of being, of transformation and success.

Research interests

  • International Centre for Contemporary Cultural Research 1995. 
  • (Re)Thinking Identities Cultural changes or changing cultures. Nene College of higher education, Women's Studies Network 1996.
  • Cultures in the Making - moving with the times. The research Unit for Global Studies, Dept. of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University (2000).
  • "Black female voices from the academy" a presentation for the Race Committee for the British Sociological Association Annual conference York (2000).
  • Asian Female Experiences in Higher Education, paper presented to a conference on Racism in Higher Education, organised by the Centre for Ethnicity & Racism Studies, Dept. of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Leeds(2002)
  • C-sap research in pedagogy of ‘race’ in Sociology (01-01-2002 to 06-06-2003) Paper presented in April 2003.
  • Research on pedagogy and anti-racism from classroom debates  and student experiences on Islamphobia(2001-12)
  • Research and writing for book entitled ‘ Addressing Islamophobia in Higher Education.  (2013-14)


  • 1981-1984 University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex. Joint Government and Sociology B.A. Hons. Upper 2nd Class pass
  • I received a 1st Class pass from Essex University for Research Work on Sociology of Race Relations
  • 1990-1992 University of Birmingham - M'Ed in Education Management and Development Issues, with merit.
  • Doctor of Philosophy – 2012 - Identity and Pedagogy in a university context: A study of Student experiences and critique in the work of anti-racism in education.


  • "The Access Effect" (1989) - An evaluation of the relative success of access and traditional courses in facilitating ethnic minority preparation for and entry to degree level courses. Published by CNAA
  • "'Black' Students in Higher Education" - A survey of their experiences and expectations. (1990)  Published in Journal of Access Studies Vol. 5 - Autumn.
  • ("Re) Mixing of Identities 'off' the turntable" In Dis-Orientating Rhythms The Politics of The New Asian Dance Music (1996)  (Ed) Sharma A, Hutnyk J, Sharma S Zed.
  • "Journeying through Life - the self in travel", in Travel Worlds; Journeys The Politics of Culture (1998) (Ed) Hutnyk, J and Kaur, R In Zed books.
  • "Too Black Too Strong" anti-racism and the making of South Asian political identities in Britain', in Storming the Millennium, (1999) (Ed) Jordan T, and Lent, A, Lawrence and Wishart.
  • "Insiders or Outsiders": Black Female Voices from the Academy in " Difference and Identity " in Higher Education : Outsiders Within. (2001)(Ed) Williams, J and Anderson P, Ashgate.
  • ‘Un-veiling South Asian Female Identities Post September 11th,  in Law, I. and Turnley, L. (ed.) (1994) Institutional Racism in Higher Education, Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Press
  • Battlefields of Knowing – facilitating controversial classroom debates in Reflections on Practice. Monograph (ed )Spencer, S and Todd, M  C.SAP Publication, June (2006)
  • It's not 'cos I'm, black or brown ; or female: but 'cos I know the stuff of 'race' and racism." in Teaching Race and Ethnicity in Further and Higher Education  (ed) Jacobs S  C.SAP publication  2006)

Recent Publications since 2008

  • Should Ethnicity Matter when we teach about Race’ , (2008)  in Race Ethnicity and Education, vol. 11. (4) pp415- 428  Routledge, ISBN/ISSN1361-3324
  • Lets talk the ‘race talk’  Using Inclusive and Engaging  Teaching  Strategies in the classroom in  Race (ing) Forward: Transitions in Theorising ‘race’ in Education  published C-SAP  HEA., (Ed.) Housee,S, Hylton ,K and Pilkington, A. (2009)
  • When silences are Broken’ an out of class discussion with Asian Female Students, in Educational Review,  in  (2010) 62: (4) pp 421-434 ISBN/ISSN:0013-1911
  • To veil or not to veil  -students speak out on Islamo-phobia from class, In  Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences (EliSS), 2(3),  (2010) ISBN1756-848X  http://www.eliss.org.uk/ 
  • What difference does ‘difference’ make? A discussion with ethnic minority students about their learning experience in higher education (2011) in LEARNING AND TEACHING Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring IBSN 1755-2273
  • And Still We Rise. A story of resilience and transgression For Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences (EliSS), Spring Vol,3 No.3.  ISSN:1756-848x  2011
  • What’s  the point ?  (2012)Anti-racist counter narratives against Islamophobia  - in Race, Ethnicity and Education,  for a special journal issue on Critical Race theory in education. Routledge.  Vol. 15 Issue 1 . IBSN: 2012 136-33241470-109
  • Let us (w)right the wrongs of racism from classroom teaching and learning,  (2014) in Heathwood Press

Joint editor of the following Texts:

  • Race (ing) Forward: Transitions in Theorising ‘race’  in Education (2009) published Sociology, Anthropology, Politics  (C-SAP)  HEA The Higher Education Academy Network  (Ed.) Pilkington,  Andy, Housee, Shirin,  and Hylton ,Kevin.
  • Atlantic Crossings: International  Dialogues on Critical Race Theory  (Ed) by Kevin Hylton, Shirin Housee, Andrew Pilkington, and Paul Warmington  Published  (2011)  Sociology, Anthropology, Politics (C-SAP), The Higher Education Academy Network

Forthcoming book September 2015:

Addressing Islamophobia in Higher Education,   publishers: Institute of Education Press/Trentham Books

Involvement in Conference/Seminar Organisation from 2008

As a member of the Critical Race Theory in Education Special Interest group for C-SAP (Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics), I was centrally involved in organising the following two conferences:

  • Teaching Race  in Higher Education;  September  2008 
  • Critical Race Theory in the UK and US; June 2009
  • Key speaker on a panel discussing: 'Researching BME communities: Complexities and dilemmas; June 2012 for BERA (British Educational research association) hosted by Birmingham university.


  • (2009) ‘Shared Experiences’, the politics of anti-racism’, Key note paper presented to the Association of Teachers in the Social Sciences (ATSS) conference, University of Northampton, September.
  • (2012)  Key speaker on a panel discussing:'Researching BME communities: Complexities and dilemmas.' On 29/06/2012 for BERA (British Educational research association) hosted by Birmingham university.

Details of External Conference Papers since January 2008

  • (2008) ‘What Difference does difference make?  Paper presented to  the Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE)   
  • (2009) When silences are Broken’ delivered to the 7th International conference on Gender and Education at the Institute of Education London.
  • (2009) ‘Can CRT Do it for me?’ paper  presented at the International conference on the Relevance of Critical Race Theory to the British Context , Institute of Education, London, June
  • (2009) ‘Shared Experiences’, the politics of anti-racism’, Key note paper presented to the Association of Teachers in the Social Sciences (ATSS) conference, University of Northampton, September.
  • (2010) ‘Student counter-narratives against Islamophobia’, presented to Discourse Resistance and Power (DPR 9), International conference at the University of Greenwich, London, April
  • (2010) Critical Race pedagogy a comparison of practise between South Africa and the UK, Presented to Witwatersrand University South Africa, August 2010
  • (2010) Can CRT do it for we? A discussion of anti-racist practise in the UK and South Africa, Presented to North West University,  Potcheftstoom campus, South Africa, August 2010
  • (2012) 'Researching BME communities and educational issues: Complexities and dilemmas at BERA (British Educational research association) hosted by Birmingham university.  On 29/06/2012
  • (2013) ‘(W)righting the Wrongs of racism from the Classroom’ presented to the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland – University of Edinburgh
  • (2014)  Indentured  labour  experiences from Mauritius , Mapping the Field: Contemporary Theories of Race and Racism, organised by the BSA Race and Ethnicity Study Group. 31st/1/2014
  • (2014 ) ‘Addressing racism in  Higher Education  from  the classroom’  presented to the Higher Education Academy workshop entitled Towards a Postcolonial Pedagogy: Engaging with Literary Representations of 'Race', Racism and Ethnicity,  University of Reading 26April.

Impact on Economy and Society/Public Engagement

On the main 'informaworld' site, my article ‘Should Ethnicity matter when we teach about Race?' in Race Ethnicity and Education' (REE 2008) statistics on the number of full article downloads from  2009  showed that this article was the 2nd most downloaded REE paper - with 457 full article downloads.

On the main 'informaworld' site my article ‘ What’s  the point ?  (2012) Anti-racist counter narratives against Islamophobia  - in Race, Ethnicity and Education,  for a special journal issue on Critical Race theory in education, has shown to be, to date, the second most read article published on REE in 2012.

My publication “What's the point? Anti-racism and students' voices against Islamophobia”, cited above, is being accessed for an EU research project exploring interethnic violence in schools, with a particular focus on Islamophobia, by Sarah Walker, Research Fellow at Education Department London South Bank University.

I was asked to speak at the launch of the Centre for Research in Race & Education, Birmingham University Education Department (2013)

Experience in industry

Occupational Experience 

  • 1986-87 Wulfrun Further Education College, Access Course Lecturer 1 in Sociology of Race and Racism
  • 1987-88 Wolverhampton Polytechnic, Equal Opportunities Unit, Research Assistance
  • 1988- 90 Birmingham Education Unit, Community Education Project
  • 1990 to Present - The University of Wolverhampton . Senior Sociology lecturer.

Further information

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Equal Opportunities Committee
  • Member of the Student Experience Sub-Committee
  • Member of the Student Council
  • Member of the Programme Management Board
  • Member of BEME Black Ethnic Minority Experience
  • Member of the BSA Race Group Collective
  • Member of the Critical Race Theory group

Membership of University Committees

  • Member of the Equal Opportunities Committee
  • Student Experience Sub-Committee
  • School Ethics Sub-Committee
  • School Student Council
  • School Programme Management Board