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Professor Peter Lavender

Professor Peter Lavender

Professor of Education

  • Email address
  • Phone number 01902 () 323014 Tel internal: Ext. 3014 Mob: 07855137008
  • Location University of Wolverhampton Institute of Education, Room WA210, Education Observatory, Walsall Campus, Gorway Road, WALSALL WS1 3BD
  • Faculty Faculty of Education Health & Wellbeing
  • Institute Institute of Education
  • Areas of expertise

    Evaluations of education, training and other activities.

    Quality matters in post compulsory education

I was appointed to the University in January 2015. My research interests include post compulsory education; inclusive education; and learner voice. I have undertaken many research projects and most recently a number of evaluations. These have included evaluation of Learning for the Fourth Age with Middlesex University and learner voice in education and training with the University of Ballarat (Australia). I have worked as academic coordinator for lifelong learning on the Open University’s doctoral programme where I remain a research supervisor. Formerly a national full-time FE inspector, a local authority officer for special educational needs, co-author of the FE report ‘Inclusive Learning’ (the Tomlinson Report) and a teacher, I have a doctorate in applied research in education (volunteers, adult education and social policy). I received an OBE for services to education in the Queen’s birthday honours in 2006 and was inducted into the Adult and Lifelong Learning International Hall of Fame in 2015. I am a NIACE senior research fellow (an honorary role) and was the former Deputy CEO there (until 2011), where I directed research and development there for more than ten years. I have been an adviser to the National Union of Students and chaired the interim team for the new Society of Apprentices. I am assistant chief assessor for the AoC Charitable Trust’s Beacon Awards. I was Chair of the Corporation of North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, was eight years a governor at Leicester College, and a trustee of the National Extension College, Cambridge. I have chaired the education committee and been a board member of UNESCO UK.  I am now Chair of the Quality Committee for East Coast College.

  • Learner voice
  • Adult and further education
  • Volunteers and voluntary action
  • Inclusive learning/education
  • Disabled learners and those with special educational needs
  • Widening participation
  • Equality and diversity
  • Australian Journal of Lifelong Learning, editorial board
  • Cert Ed (Merit)
  • Bachelor of Education (Hons) University of Bristol
  • PhD University of East Anglia, Centre for Applied Research in Education

  • Hafford-Letchfield, T and Lavender, P (2015) ‘Quality improvement through the paradigm of learning’ Quality in Ageing and older Adults, Vol 16 iss: 4, pp 195-207
  • Lavender, P., Hafford-Letchfield, T. (2014) 'Exploring learning in later life': A report of the external evaluation of Learning for the Fourth Age (L4A) SPECs project, Leicester 2012-2013
  • Angus, L; Golding, B; Foley, A; Lavender, P (2013) Promoting ‘learner voice’ in VET: developing democratic, transformative possibilities or further entrenching the status quo?, Journal of Vocational Education & Training, 65:4, 560-574
  • Lavender, P et al ‘Leading a learning organisation’ in Remaking Adult Learning (2010) NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P et al, From Compliance to Culture Change (2008) disabled staff in F/HE NIACE, Leicest
  • Lavender, P ‘Volunteers, social policy and adult learning’ in Tuckett, Alan (ed) Participation and the Pursuit of
  • Equality: Essays in adult learning, widening participation and achievement (2007) NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P (et al), More than a language (2006) ESOL national inquiry, NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P et al Testing, testing…1, 2, 3 (2004), assessment in basic skills, NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. The Impact of Learning on Health (2000) (co-authored), NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. On learning and health, (2000) Adult Learning, NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. Inclusive learning (1996) Tomlinson report (co-authored) HMSO, Londo
  • Lavender, P. Unnoticed learners (1993) Mental health, Educatio
  • Lavender, P. Learning support in FE, (1993) Education, Londo
  • Lavender, P Incorporation and community care (1993) FEU, Londo
  • Lavender, P Students or Patients? (1992) Adult Learning, NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. Challenges and Possibilities (1990) FEU/NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. Finding the money for special needs (1990) Adult Learning, NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. Theme with variations (1990) Adult Learning, NIACE, Leiceste
  • Lavender, P. Care and Education in the Community (1988) FEU/Longmans, London

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  • Open University, Academic Coordinator for Inclusive Education (and later Lifelong Learning) in the EdD Programme
  • Open University: Supervisor for EdD students
  • Adult and further education research and development consultant;  Assistant Chief Assessor of AoC Beacon Awards
  • Deputy Chief Executive, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education; Director of Research and Development at NIACE
  • Further Education Funding Council, Further Education Inspector and Adviser/Writer for the Tomlinson Committee of Inquiry on ‘Inclusive Learning’
  • Norfolk County Council Education Department, Education Officer (Special Educational Needs)
  • Norfolk County Council Education Department, County Adult Basic Education Coordinator
  • Norfolk County Council Education Department, County Adult Literacy Coordinator
  • Workers’ Educational Association, Tutor, trainer and coordinator for the WEA South Bristol Adult Literacy programme
  • Avon County Council Education Department, Ashton Park Comprehensive School, Bristol, Teacher of English, Humanities, Remedial learning
  • Board membership currently (2019): Chair of Quality at East Coast College
  • formerly Chair of North Warwickshire and Hinckley College Corporation; trustee and board member of the National Extension College, Cambridge.  Formerly board member of Leicester College Corporation (6 years); Chair of UNESCO UK Education Committee and UNESCO UK board member (1.5 years); board member of the Basic Skills Agency (England and Wales).
  • Adviser/writer to the Tomlinson Committee on disabled students in further education ((1996) Inclusive Learning. London: HMSO)
  • Officer responsible for the national inquiry into English for Speakers of other Languages (2006) More than a Language Leicester: NIACE.  Officer responsible for the national commission on disabled staff in further education (2008) From Compliance to Culture Change Leicester: NIACE.