Jane Webb

Head of Department Visual Communication, Course Leader Photography

J. Webb
Email address: Jane.Webb@wlv.ac.ukPhone number: 01902 1952Location: George Wallis Building, MK307Faculty: Faculty of ArtsSchool/Institute: Wolverhampton School of ArtAreas of expertise: Design theory, Design history, Colour, Dress and Fashion theory, Cultural Geography, Popular Culture, Folklore


Coming from a background in anthropology, I started teaching contextual studies for design subjects twenty years ago. Over the years I have worked at a number of institutions, but the majority of my career was spent working for Manchester Metropolitan University, first on the Contemporary Crafts degree at Alsager, and then in Art History and contextual studies in Manchester. I recently moved to the School of Art in Wolverhampton to become Head of Visual Communication.

Research interests

As a historical ethnographer I try to reconstruct everyday actions, ideas, emotions and atmospheres using historical material objects and places as a starting point. I am currently working on a project called 'Wearing Colour' which takes garments worn by a series of different people over time and considers what their experiences were dressed in such a hue at a particular time. All the examples are drawn from The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall in Manchester. Next year, I will be joining my colleague Desdemona McCannon to work on a project about landscape, belief and everyday craft practice. Although I am mainly a theorist, I do occasionally work in practice and have collaborated with artists and designers such as Alice Kettle and David Gates. Visual and material practice, whether as a finished piece of work or not, forms an important part of my academic method.


I have a first class degree in Art History and Anthropology from the University of East Anglia and gained an MA with distinction from University College London in Anthropology of Art, a course now called Material Culture. I went on to do a PhD at the School of Art in Wolverhampton on the 1835-6 Select Committee on Arts and Manufactures and the relationship between radical British politics and design theory.


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