Dr Fideline Laure Tchuenbou-Magaia

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Email address: F.Tchuenbou-Magaia@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 518509 Location: Faculty: Faculty of Science and Engineering School/Institute: School of Engineering Areas of expertise:

Development of functional materials and foods, Encapsulation, Formulation engineering of multiphase products to add novelty, functionality and increase stability


Dr Fideline Tchuenbou-Magaia is a senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton, where she is also Outreach & marketing lead for Chemical Engineering since August 2016. Prior to this time, she was a Research Fellow at the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, where she carried out different projects mainly in the areas of encapsulation and formulation engineering for application in foods, cosmetics, agrochemicals and energy, whilst also involved in teaching, including Encapsulation and Molecular Delivery, Food Manufacture & Technology, Enhancement of Chemical Engineering Teaching Labs and worked as Staff-Student Liaison and Outreach Officer.
Fideline’s diverse backgrounds and exposure to different cultures, working and teaching styles enable a multifaceted approach to research and teaching. She has been involved in a broad range of consultancy works for multinational and national companies such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Philips Oral Care and Pangaea Agrochemicals. Having worked at the academic-industrial interface for many years, studied Biochemistry, Food science/processing and Engineering before settling on Chemical Engineering, she is fascinated about using a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and to serve a broad range of industries, especially foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
Fideline initially graduated as a biochemist with a BSc in 1999 and a Master degree in Biochemistry with major in Nutrition and Food Technology in 2001 at the University of Douala Cameroon. This Master was completed while working as a Quality Control Assistant at Camlait (Cameroon market leader in dairy products) where she joined in 1998 just before completing her BSc. She then occupied various roles within the company working in Production and Marketing department before Joining the Laboratory of Food Science and Metabolism (University of Yaoundé) as a Research Associate where she liaised CamLait and the University and worked towards understanding consumers drive for soy milk based products and contributed to the improvement of nutritional and sensorial quality of these products.
In 2003 she undertook a three- year joint degree in Food science/processing and engineering at AGROPARITECH (former ENSIA-SIARC, France). During that time, she worked for CIRAD (France) where, as part of a £4 million DURAS project (Promoting Sustainable Development in Agricultural Research Systems), she optimised the malting processes and identified millet and sorghum species which generated malts that meet specifications for either beer or nutritious weaning food production.
Fideline then decided to take a PhD at the interface of biochemical and chemical engineering at the University of Birmingham in 2008. Her PhD was funded by BBSRC and aimed at reducing fat content and risk of obesity while maintaining eating pleasure using microbubbles. This involved fermentation and extraction of hydrophobin protein from submerged fungi culture by foam fractionation, combining liquid-liquid and gas-liquid system to develop a novel air filled triphasic emulsion based products and their characterisation in terms of microstructure, rheological and tribological behaviour, physical and oxidation stability. Fideline joined the Micromanipulation Research Group at the School of Chemical Engineering in 2011 as a Research Associate to carry out a feasibility study on the use of whitening-agent-loaded micro-carriers for possible application to tooth whitening for Philips Oral healthcare just before completing her PhD in 2012.
Fideline at the University of Wolverhampton pursues her research in formulation and particles engineering and works closely with industrials to help transforming lives. She also devotes part of her time to the development of inspirational tools and activities to be marketed to both primary and secondary schools as a lesson resource and to excite pupils about science and Chemical Engineering. 

Experience in industry

-£5K for paper based study on possible routes of encapsulating herbicides of Pangaea agrochemicals Limited interest (April to June, 2014); £10K for a feasibility study of the production of microcapsules with time delayed release of an herbicide for Pangaea (Oct. to Dec. 2014).
Short contract to assist Givaudan company on its “Feeling Fabrics project” which aimed to use tribology to understand how human subjects assess the feel of fabrics in terms of preference (Nov. 2014).
Postdoctoral researcher: Engineering and manufacture of a range of controlled release encapsulates to be formulated into semi-solid and liquid oral care products , Ultrasound assisted crystallisation and functionalisation of carbamide peroxide, Philips Oral care, UK and Netherlands . I developed particles from bench to pilot plant, filed several patents and assisted in solving formulation problems encountered when those particles were formulated into semi-solid and liquid oral care products (Oct 2011-October 2015).
Product development Consultant: Air filled fluid gel to assist PepsiCo, US on its “Stable Foam Structures” project b(Aug. 2009).
Short contract to study the tribological and rheological behaviour of Nestlé products with correlation to the supplied sensory data (Dec. 2008 to Feb 2008);
Research associate: Optimisation of malting processes (CIRAD, France, June. 2005 to July 2006).
Associate Scientist, Camlait S.A, Cameroon. I was involved in projects covering formulation, production, quality control, marketing and education of the sale force (Nov.1998- Sept.2003

Further information

- Teaching.
Mass, Heat and Momentum Transfer
Food Manufacture and Technology
Physical separation processes

- Students’ supervision

Prospective research students interested in doing a research degree (PhD, MRes and MPhil) with Dr Tchuenbou-Magaia should contact her by email (attaching a full CV). Inquiries from talented students with their own project ideas are particularly welcome.

Primarily areas of consideration are:
- Development Functional nanoparticles and microparticles for use in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
- Encapsulation of actives molecules for different applications
- Development of novel food ingredients or improvement of existing ones.
- Adding value to food waste and by-products
- Antimicrobial Resistance
- Probiotics
- Formulation engineering of multiphase products to add novelty, functionality and increase stability

Research interests

Dr Fideline Tchunebou-Magaia focuses on the application of Biochemistry, materials science, formulation engineering and chemical engineering to:
- the design of functional nanoparticles and microparticles for use in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
- the formulation engineering of multiphase products to add novelty, functionality and increase stability.
-Functionalisation and development of ingredients/development of novel ingredients
She is also interested in the fundamental science behind the improved performance of the designed particles/formulated products.
Example of projects:
- Composite phase change materials with application in cosmetics,
- Multifunctional aerated foods,
- composite multifunctional particles as novel route for tackling anti-microbial resistance;
- EPSRC (EP/N000714/1): £934,275 (co-investigator), Cryogenic-temperature cold storage using microencapsulated phase change materials in slurries, Oct 2015-Sep2019;
- Fideline is also a co-supervisor with Dr Yongliang Li at the University of Birmingham of Sidra Rama’s PhD in carbon capture and storage where she brings to the team her expertise in encapsulation and particles engineering;
- Innovate UK-BBSRC (£458 K) let by Pangaea Agrochemicals Limited (BB/M018156/1) Overcoming glyphosate resistance (DI investigator Nov. 2014- Nov. 2015);
- Controlled release micro-carriers loaded with for oral care agents , including anti-microbial agents (Philips oral healthcare);
- Ultrasound assisted microbubbles suspension production and subsequent triphasic, air- oil/water systems formulated for fat and calories reduction in food 

Membership of professional bodies

IChemE Associate Member, working towards Chartership;
Member of the Particle Technology Special Interest Group (PTSIG) committee of the IChemE where she is involved in the organisation of PTSIG events.
Member of the Controlled Release Society (CRS) and the Consumer & Diversified Products (C&DP) committee. C&DP is a multi-disciplinary, international group of CRS members dedicated to advancing science, technology, and education in the field of controlled release or delivery of non-pharmaceutical active ingredients;


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ii) Conferences
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v) Posters
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2. Feasibility study of microencapsulated PCM slurry for cold storage
vi) Patents
Tchuenbou-Magaia, F. L. & Zhang. Z. Encapsulation of oral care active agents, Patent application WO2016001022