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David Henley

David Henley

Course Leader Product Design and Course Leader Furniture Design

  • Email address
  • Phone number 01902 1947
  • Location MK404a
  • Faculty Faculty of Arts
  • Institute Wolverhampton School of Art
  • Areas of expertise Product Design

David is Course Leader for Product Design at the University of Wolverhampton. He has previously held senior roles in Three Dimensional Design, Computer Aided Product Design, and Computer Aided Engineering Design within the School of Art and Design and School of Engineering. He has 25 years teaching experience on University Undergraduate and Post Graduate Awards, PhD Research and Post-Doctoral supervision.

David has extensive professional design experience including working at many levels within companies as a staff in house designer, design consultancy, and as Senior Design Manager for companies such as Thorn EMI and GEC. David’s expertise in working in the UK and Far Eastern consumer markets for major consumer electronics and appliance companies. He was Head of European Design for major international consumer electronic company based in Taiwan working with companies such as Sony, Aiwa, Fujitsu and IBM.

David has extensive experience in Knowledge Transfer and have been involved in 18 strategic knowledge transfer partnerships of technology between UK education and Industry.

Product Design, Human Powered Vehicles, Acoustics, Historical Musical Instruments.

  • Fellow Higher Education Academy
  • BA(Hons) Industrial Design: Engineering
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  • Walker, J. Adamson-Macedo, F.N.Myers J. and Henley,D. (2000) ‘Towards a New Theory of Play with Particular Reference to Pre-Term Babies’ Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (2000) 12.1,pp 139-154.
  • Walker, J. Adamson-Macedo, F.N.Myers J. and Henley,D. (2000) ‘Designing a Play-Kit to Nurture the Sensory Development of Premature Babies’ Wellcome Trust SCI-ART Winners Seminar at the Royal Geographical Society, London, July 2000 SCI-ART Proceedings pp 24-27.
  • Bird,E. & Henley,D.W. (2006) ‘Fostering Creativity: Using Competitions to Test the Creative Skills of Undergraduate Product Designers.’ Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation, Good Practice and Research in Engineering Education 2006 pp 362-366 University of Liverpool 24-26 July 2006. ISBN 1-905788-11-8