Undergraduate Courses

The University’s School of Law has over 30 years’ experience supporting students throughout the UK and countries including America, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our expertise is respected and highly valued by important players in the legal sector, and as a student, you’ll be welcomed as part of a tight, friendly and innovative community.

Our undergraduate courses
LLB (Hons) Law
LLB (Hons) Law with Foundation Year
BA (Hons) Accounting and Law
BA (Hons) Business and Law
BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Law
BA (Hons) Law and Philosophy
BA (Hons) Social Policy and Law

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Real career opportunities

0010234Graduates with a qualifying law degree are able to enter the legal profession after further training, as solicitors, barristers, paralegals and legal executives. However, it's worth noting that a proportion of law graduates do not enter the legal profession at all, but find that their acquired skills open up opportunities across a wide range of sectors.

A criminal law background could lead to work with the police, the probation service, the Crown Prosecution and Criminal Defence Services.

If your area is constitutional law and current affairs, you might find opportunities in public sector administration with the Civil Service, local authorities and a growing number of regulatory bodies and professional associations.

If you lean towards commercial law, you could well find a position as a trading standards officer, health and safety inspector, or work in the commercial sector of buying and purchasing.

We offer a range of opportunities to help you improve your employability, including voluntary work in our Legal Advice Centre, supporting people in the County Court and with Wolverhampton Council's Welfare Rights service.

Before you decide...

An important decision to make now in selecting your degree course is whether or not you plan to qualify as a solicitor or barrister – if you do, you should consider an LLB such as ours which is a Qualifying Law degree. This is a degree that will provide you with exemption from the academic stage of the solicitors' and barristers' professional exams, as it contains all the designated modules.