Professor Peter Walton Public Inaugural Lecture

The Future of Insolvency Law: From Ear Cropping to a Catalyst for Enterprise

Date: Wednesday 30 November 2016

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: MH002 (Lecture Theatre), University of Wolverhampton, Mary Seacole Building, Nursery Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1AD
(Refreshments in Lord Swraj Paul Building, Molineux Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1SG)

Admission: Free

About the lecture

Professor Peter WaltonModern day UK insolvency law encourages business rescue wherever feasible. It also supports individuals who cannot pay their debts by providing means to pay off a proportion of those debts or to enter bankruptcy where debts will generally be discharged within 12 months. The system was not always quite so keen to provide a 'second chance'. The lecture will consider the origins of bankruptcy law in the UK, which initially viewed those unable to pay their debts as essentially criminals, whose ears would be nailed to the stocks before subsequently being chopped off or, more leniently, such debtors were merely imprisoned. Over a period of centuries the regime slowly became more enlightened.

Modern insolvency law aims to balance the interests of insolvent individuals and companies with the rights of creditors. It requires creditors to be treated fairly and equitably and for fraudulent behaviour to be fully investigated. The UK insolvency system serves as a blueprint for many overseas regimes and its significance domestically, which has been recognised for centuries, is also recognised internationally. Without an effective and fair insolvency regime, no country can hope to attract significant investment. As globalisation continues relentlessly, it has never been more important to ensure the UK insolvency regime is fit for purpose. The lecture will conclude with some observations on how the UK regime (or its future development) may be viewed as a catalyst for enterprise internationally.

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5pm: Refreshments, High Tea (The Forum – Second Floor Lord Swraj Paul Building,)

6pm: Introduction and Professor Peter Walton Inaugural Lecture (MH002 Lecture Theatre - Mary Seacole Building) 

7pm: Drinks Reception (The Forum – Second Floor Lord Swraj Paul Building)

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