Charitable Professor raises money for the YMCA Black Country Group

Professor Walton, to raise awareness about youth homelessness by sleeping rough.

On Friday 15th April 2016, Professor Peter Walton of the University of Wolverhampton Law School, will be exchanging his cosy bed for a cardboard box in the quadrangle outside MC building as part of YMCA’s Sleep Easy 2016 campaign.

Concern for the plight of those who are disadvantaged through homelessness, has led Prof. Walton to become involved in a number of local charitable organisations (usually from the comfort of a boardroom). This time though a hands-on approach to fundraising was irresistible.

All money raised from Sleep Easy goes towards YMCA's Moving Forward Fund, which supports young homeless people within YMCA services who are ready to move on into their own accommodation or need a hand to take the next step in their life. This fund often prevents homelessness from recurring.

Prof. Walton, Head of law research centre says, “Sadly, so many young people in our city lack the support and advantages of having a home. This impacts on education and work opportunities. Services offered by YMCA do so much to encourage young people into a stable and sustainable future”.

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