Academic Publications and Expertise

Sukninder Panesar

Equity & TrustsEquity & Trusts

With over 20 years’ experience in teaching in this area, Sukhninder Panesar’s Equity & Trusts offers the student reader a contemporary account of how equity and the law of trusts applies to real people and real situations in modern society. Key academic debates and the theoretical aspects of the subject are also considered throughout equipping the student reader with an understanding not only of what the law is, but why it is so.



Richard Glover

Murphy on Evidence

Murphy on Evidence 

Murphy on Evidence is an established leading student text, framing the law of evidence in its practical context, suitable for undergraduates as well as those studying for professional law exams. Frequently consulted by judges and practitioners, and regularly cited in judgments, it has come to be regarded as a work of authority throughout the common law world. The book's unique approach effectively bridges the gap between the academic study of the law of evidence and its application in practice, combining detailed analysis of the law with a wealth of practical information about how it is used in the courtroom. 



Professor Peter Walton

Insolvency LawInsolvency Law

Corporate and Personal is written in a detailed yet straightforward way, making it accessible to both practitioners and students. This comprehensive book explains legislation and discusses cases on all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency, covering each of the procedures available. The text is presented logically under headings, with pointers to more specialised information and additional cases.