Marketing Science Laboratory (MarS Lab)

Applied Research for the University Community and Regional Businesses

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The MarS Lab is intended to provide quality marketing research to both the university and business communities by providing technical expertise in the form of basic & applied research and consultation.

For the university community, MarS Lab serves as a catalyst in promoting marketing research by assisting faculty and students working together towards specific research projects. For the business community, the lab intends to be their research hub, especially for the regional businesses and organisations.

Qualified university graduates are needed more than ever in pursuing research-related careers in the industry, as well as in academia. MarS Lab aims to create a pool of young researchers by providing students with guidance on working out marketing projects through hands-on learning, leading to research/ consulting careers as practitioners or/and continuation of their studies in marketing at masters or PhD levels.  

Services for the Business Community

The benefits of accessing market and marketing research for driving decision making processes have been well recognised from the business community. Nevertheless, the rule is that such research is often very costly, which in some cases discourages companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, from acquiring the necessary intelligence for their decision making. To address this issue, University of Wolverhampton MarS Lab proudly offers a range of services to facilitate access of local companies to professional marketing research, thus contributing to the development of the local economy.

In MarS Lab, faculty and students cooperate with executives and business owners to respond successfully to today’s business needs. Reliability of the research outputs is secured by appropriately monitoring all stages of research procedures. Our final goal is to offer affordable marketing research that will enable businesses to make well-informed decisions and solve their business problems.

A full range of research services from problem identification and exploratory research, to data collection, data analysis, and reporting or/and consultation. The Marketing Science Lab is equipped with laptop computers and state-of-the art statistical software packages, as well as a focus group facility with one-way viewing room. Its operations are supported by research-oriented faculty and selected students from both post-graduate and undergraduate business management & marketing programmes. MarS Lab also proudly participates in the Challenge Academy Framework / UC-Crowd EU funded project. 

Our consulting capability includes the following tasks:

  • Industry and competitor analyses
  • Consumer Behaviour modeling
  • Marketing strategies formulation
  • Product and Service Branding
  • Integrated marketing communications Mix
  • Feasibility studies for New Product/Service Development (NPD/NSD)
  • Qualitative field research (e.g. in-depth interviews, focus groups)
  • Quantitative field research (online and offline surveys)


For questions regarding any aspect of service request or partnership opportunities, please contact:

Dr. Nikolaos Stylos

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Director of Marketing Science Laboratory (MarS Lab)

Department for Marketing, Innovation, Leisure and Enterprise 
University of Wolverhampton Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences

Tel: +44 (0)1902 323741