Welcome to visitors from Dubai

Dr Dinesh Dhaija with Geoff Layer, Anthea Gregory and Micael Barden‌‌‌‌Over thirty of our MBA students who are currently studying in Dubai have been visiting us as part of their course. They stayed at Telford Campus for two weeks at the end of November and had the opportunity to meet the Dean of Faculty Micael Barden, Vice Chancellor Geoff Layer and Deputy Vice Chancellor Anthea Gregory. The programme included a three day visit to London.

The students were at the University on a two-week research methodology course. This forms part of the dissertation module of the MBA course they study at our TNE partner Cornerstone College in Dubai. Cornerstone Director Dr Dinesh Dhaija accompanied them in the early part of the programme. He said that he had enjoyed his visit to the UK and was very impressed with the programme.

Students from Dubai with lecturer Dr Gurmak Singh

The students commented very positively on the facilities, the management and the academic programme. They were very pleased with the facilities at Telford campus. They said that the campus had a unique atmosphere away from the city centre, which provided a conducive learning environment. Students said that that being on campus gave them the opportunity to bond with each other and with the university.

The two-way academic programme was designed around research methodology aspects of the dissertation project and included sessions on literature, review, data collection and academic writing.