Faculty of Social Sciences - Student voice is heard!

Ian McKeown

The faculty of social sciences won the ultimate faculty award at the Students' Union Teaching Awards held over the Summer, 2015The prestigious award was presented to the Faculty of Social Sciences for the “Student Voice - Faculty of the Year”.  This award was voted in by students for making their “student voice” heard and ensuring that their views and concerns were being taken seriously and actioned. 

Miceal Barden , Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said: “This is an important recognition for our Faculty and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has made such a valuable contribution towards obtaining this prestigious award”.

Over 90 staff from the Faculty of Social Sciences were nominated at the awards - four of which made the final shortlist: 

Inspirational Lecturer Award - Duncan Walker, Senior Lecturer, Accounting and Law
Outstanding Personal Tutor Award - Greg Allan, Senior Lecturer, Law
Cutting Edge Award- Chris Turner, Senior Lecturer, Law
International Support Award - Ian McKeown, Senior Lecturer, Marketing Innovation, Leisure and Enterprise (Pictured Above)