Accounting & Finance Student Workshop

Accounting & Finance students, who take modules 4AC011 Professional Skills and 4AC003 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, focus on acquisition of employability skills. Specialist drama tutors come in to spend three hours with groups of students and consider physical presentation skills such as positive body language and voice projection using a variety of games and activities.

"The students grow in confidence with their body language and vocally throughout the session. The mini break through usually occurs when they stop apologising and break from the negative folded arms stance into positive and confident speaker". Emily - Drama Specialist

The presentation skills are vital not only in assessed or job interview presentations, but also in everyday life. If students are aware of the unspoken messages that they send, they are able to actively present a more confident persona, whether this is in a new social situation or meeting prospective employers in recruitment activities and interviews.

“The session was really fun, interesting and challenging. Our confidence really improved throughout the session, starting off quite shy to becoming confident to speak in front of others. It will have a real beneficial impact on presentations we will do in the future”.  Sohaib & Hamzah - Accounting & Finance Students

Students who took part in the Accounting and Finance Workshop