Voluntary work

Volunteering is a great way to obtain key work experience, graduate skills and gain satisfaction from helping a particular charity or project. There are a wide variety of opportunities which you can lend your time to and receive recognition for your hard work. Employers value this type of activity as it demonstrates your commitment and dedication to this learning experience.

Case studies

Name: Jess Ward

Jess Ward

Placement organisation: Severn Hospice and Enterprise HQ
Job: Marketing and events projects
Length: Assisting with organisation and running of individual events

Severn Hospice

After completing a fundraising event raising money for Severn Hospice as part of the 'entrepreneurial creativity and innovation’ module I was studying; I was contacted by the Community Fundraiser for Severn Hospice who asked if I would be interested in helping and supporting the ‘Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival’. I was very interested in this position and agreed to help.

I worked alongside the event committee, to help them gain funding and sponsorship from local businesses, create social media pages for them to promote the event, create a database so all band information was easily accessible, and gained promotional goods, for example, personalised event t-shirts. I also physically supported the two day event. I will also be supporting this annual event again next year, by helping with marketing, and supporting the committee.

Enterprise HQ

From my work with the Brass Band Festival, I was introduced by the festival secretary to the Managing Director of Enterprise HQ. After meeting the Managing Director of Enterprise HQ, and discussing my career plans, they suggested marketing and event projects they would like my support with, and offered me an internship. This is commission basis on a part-time basis, as I am doing this work alongside completing my final year of my degree in Business Management.

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