Summer internship

Summer internships are ideal opportunities to undertake work experience over the summer period to increase your knowledge, enhance your skills and boost your CV. They can be full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid and usually last from two to twelve weeks.

Case studies

Name: Neelam Patel

Neelam Patel
Placement organisation: Volvo Group UK and Camp America
Job: Warranty and Contracts claim assessor
Length: 12 months and 3 months 


"By gaining a vast range of work experience from different fields, this gave me a better standing in comparison to other university students when applying for graduate jobs. Gaining knowledge into the transport/logistics industry from Volvo also helped me gain the job I currently have, as most employees look for experience within a similar organisation."

Neelam also gained experience at Camp America for three months. She graduated in 2010 and got a job at Molson Coors as a Contract Pack Planner. She now has returned to work at Volvo.