Staff Profile

Ghislaine Povey

Role Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing, Innovation, Leisure and Enterprise

Direct line: 01902 322096


Ghislaine Povey is a Part Time Senior Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton, and is currently studying towards her PhD. She moved into academia in 1992 and has built upon her wide ranging international industry experience by developing and writing both undergraduate and post graduate courses materials, moving from full time to part time after becoming a mother. She specialises in Heritage and Gastronomy within the department of Leisure Industries Management.

Ghislaine is Admissions Tutor for the Leisure Industries Department. She has worked in several countries in the restaurant industry and been involved in marketing hotels and catering services, both as a manager and consultant. She has also worked as a tourism development consultant at governmental level.

Closer to home she has made numerous TV and other media appearances including ‘Don Roamin - 2004 The Black Country’ (C4), ‘The Good Food Show – Making Faggots at Home’ (UKTV Food) and ‘Tough at the Top – Brains Faggot Family’ (BBC2).

Academic qualifications

2009 (ongoing) PhD : University of Wolverhampton

1996 MA Tourism and Hospitality Education: University of Surrey

1987 BA Accountancy: Birmingham Polytechnic

1985 HND Hotel Catering and Institutional Management

Teaching interests

Ghislaine teaches across the Leisure Industries disciplines: Events, Sport, Hospitality and Tourism. She specialises in heritage and gastronomy and has written several book chapters for text books. She teaches modules in heritage and gastronomy at undergraduate level in both UK and Singapore, and at postgraduate level in the UK.

Research interests

Ghislaine is researching the visitor experiences of kitchens in museums and heritage sites, combining her two passions of food and heritage.



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Book chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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