Politics is offered as a joint honours degree which means that you study it in combination with another subject.

Follow the links below for a brief summary of each available Politics award, including information on the aims of various courses and their entry requirements:

Why study politics at Wolverhampton?

Politics is about parliament and parties but it is also about much more. It’s about power and its distribution; conflict, and how to resolve it. In this course you will examine the theories and ideologies used in understanding the wide range of activities and processes that can be termed “political”.

This subject allows the opportunity to analyse and understand the major political and sociological traditions through which we can make sense of the modern world. You will study the dominant schools and traditions in political theory, and principal political ideologies and the international community of political citizenship. You may choose to study topics such as the evolution of British politics or political conflict.

Example of a typical first year module:

  • Introduction to British Politics: introduces students to important aspects of contemporary British politics and encourages them to think critically about the role and effectiveness of British party politics in the 21st century. 
  • Other First Year modules offered to our students include:

    • 4PO002 Introduction to International Relations
    • 4GK010 Contemporary Capitalism

Example of a typical second year module:

  • Contempory Political Ideologies: explores the purpose of political ideology, the relationship between political ideas and political practice, as well as the social context that underpins the origin and development of the ideologies, drawing on examples from both European and extra-European contexts.
  • Other Second Year modules offered to our students include:

    • 5PO005 European United? Politics, Society, Culture
    • 5GK014 Genocide and the Emergence of Human Rights
    • 5PO004 World Politics

Example of a typical third year module:

  • Democracy and Terrorism: Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland examines the historical, political and social roots of the Northern Ireland conflict.  A major focus of the module is on the Provisional IRA's campaign of violence, the political consequences of this campaign and the strategies employed by the British government to contain it.
  • Other Third Year modules offered to our students include:

    • 6PO006 Foreign Policy of the USA
    • 6PO004 Independent Study (Politics)
    • 6GK008 Business and Community Link in Politics
    • 6PO003 Political Theory
    • 6PO002 The Politics of the Middle East
    • 6PO005 Security and Integration in the New Europe

Meet the team

Name and contact detailsInterests

Dr Mike Cunningham

British Politics, Northern Ireland Politics, Middle East Politics, Public Policy, Globalisation, Contemporary British History.

Professor Martin Dangerfield

European Politics and European Union Studies.

Dr Martin Durham

US conservatism & foreign policy, American extreme right and Women & Fascism.

Dr Christopher Norton

History and politics of Northern Ireland. 

Dr Eammon O'Kane

Northern Ireland conflict.

Penny Welch

Feminist Pedagogy, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Higher Education Policy and Equality and Diversity.