Staff Profile: Neil Olley

Photo Neil Olley
Name Neil Olley
Title Senior Lecturer
Research Department Member of the Central Institute of the Study for Public Protection
Subject Area Criminology
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
School School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications
Tel. 01902 323444


Mary Seacole Building, Nursery  Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1AD



Neil Olley started teaching seminars for an introductory course at the University of Edinburgh during his years as a doctoral candidate. In addition he became a part-time lecturer with the Open University teaching their Criminology Module D315. He also delivered criminology modules at the University of Strathclyde before taking up his current post at the University of Wolverhampton.


  • University (Undergraduate): The University of Southampton, 1984-87, Full-time, Law, LLB
  • Honours Degree.
  • University (Postgraduate): The University of Edinburgh, 1989-90, Full-time, Socio-Legal Studies, MSc Honours Degree.
  • The University of Edinburgh, Supervised Postgraduate (Ph.D.) Graduated in 2003.

Current Subjects Studied

Neil currently teaches a number of criminology modules. He teaches on the Theories of Crime module and the introductory first year module Thinking About Crime. He also lectures on Police and Society which introduces students to the history of the modern police force and examines the relationship between police and society. He teaches on the third year module Controlling Crime a module that examines how crime in modern society is prevented and controlled. Formal and informal methods of controlling crime are critically examined and address the ways in which the behaviour and lifestyles of particular individuals and social groups are controlled. Contemporary modes of crime prevention and control are examined and critically evaluated. Lastly he lectures on a module called Contemporary Issues in Criminology which is split between sections on illegal drugs and sex crimes. He lectures on the ‘drugs’ part. This part of the module is comparative from the beginning to the end. It draws on material from the USA/UK and other European countries; from the history of illegalisation and models of drug control, debates on the war on drugs and discrimination, marijuana and legalisation/decriminalisation in Europe and the USA through to heroin trials in Europe (such as Switzerland).

Research Interests

  • Current research interests include organised crime, policing and police brutality in South Africa. Additional interests include victimisation, local, national and international illegal drugs policy.

Recent Publications

  • Wolhuter, L., Olley, N. and Denham, D. (2009) Victimology: Victimisation and Victim’s Rights, Abingdon, Routledge-Cavendish.
  • Wolhuter, L., Olley, N., Denham, D., Bezuidenhout, C., and Hargovan, H., (2013 forthcoming) Crime and Criminology in South Africa, Devon, Willan-Routledge

Book Reviews

  • Olley, N., (2005) Political Economy of Illegal Drugs, Leuw, E. in Social and Legal Studies, 14, 3, 445-447.
  • Olley, N., (2008) Drugs and Popular Culture: Drugs, Media and Identity in Contemporary Society, Manning, P. (ed) in British Journal of Criminology, 48, 415-418.