War Studies Students visit Normandy

Trip to NormandySecond year BA (Hons) War Studies students enjoyed a week-long field trip to Normandy last month as part of their studies for the ‘Battle for Normandy’ module (5WR002).

The module consists of lectures and seminars based around the Battle of Normandy 1944 (D-Day and later) with this field trip completing their studies.

The class of 28 students visited the battlefield sites, museums, monuments and other forms of commemoration and heritage aspects of the battle.

Professor Stephen Badsey, who led the the field trip this year with Professor John Buckley, told us: “The field trip is an integral part of the module and highly regarded by many students as a highlight – if not the highlight – of their degree. Some even become so interested in studying the battle that they volunteer to pay for themselves to take it again in their third year.”

Joe Draper, who took part in this year’s trip says:  “I found the whole trip a great experience, being in the actual position of certain operations gives you something that you could never get from a book. Walking the same routes that the soldiers and some armour took in preparation and whilst in a battle gives you an in-depth view of the fighting by seeing a full view of the surrounding areas, and what can be seen from each location.  Also the trip enabled me to socialise and discuss facts and ideas about events during the Normandy campaign. I've really enjoyed this trip.”

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Photograph: The students next to a Churchill tank at the Hill 112 Memorial on the Operation Epsom battlefield.