The Illegitimacy of Brexit

A talk by Professor Pavlos Eleftheriadis (University of Oxford)

Date: Tuesday 29 November 2016

Time: 1pm to 2pm

Venue: MA202, City Campus, 1-2pm.

No ticket required. Open to the public.

The referendum on membership in the EU has shaken the constitutional foundations of the UK. It has done so both as a novel process of law-making and as a radical decision to abandon the legal framework of the past forty years. The debates on the reception of the recent High Court judgment on Article 50 have therefore touched on fundamental constitutional issues: can the judges go against the 'will of the people', or can indeed parliament go against the will of the people? In what promises to be a fascinating lecture, Pavlos Eleftheriadis, will argue that many of the uses to which the referendum result is put - both by pro-Brexit commentators and by the Government - are illegitimate.

About the speaker

Pavlos Eleftheriadis is Associate Professor of Law and a Fellow of Mansfield College at Oxford University. He teaches European Union law, Constitutional law and philosophy of law. He is also a barrister in England and Wales and practises in public law from Francis Taylor Building in the Temple. He has been an active commentator on the Eurozone crisis and on the EU referendum in the UK both in print and on the radio and television.

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