Guest lecture: The 'Improbable War'

The Improbable War: China, the United States and the Logic of Great Power Conflict

Date: Wednesday 6 May 2015

Time: 1pm

Venue: MA030, City Campus, University of Wolverhampton

Open to the public, no ticket required

At this guest lecture Christopher Coker, Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics, will discuss the possibility of conflict between the US and China.

In his new book 'The Improbable War: China, the United States and the Logic of Great Power Conflict' Professor Coker puts forward a challenging argument: not that conflict between the US and China is inevitable, but that it is possible, and that both sides will have to sharpen their understanding of one another to avoid it.

Coker draws richly on history, philosophy, and international relations theory to make his case. This is a highly stimulating account by a major thinker on one of the most important geopolitical questions of our time.

The book has received positive reviews from national media, with the Financial Times stating: 'Coker's book serves as an insightful exposition of several cautionary points. The fact that the incidence of great-power wars has been declining, for example, has no bearing on the possibility of one between the United States and China. In addition, the irrationality of war does not make war impossible.'

The lecture has been organised by George Kassimeris, Professor of Conflict Studies, who said: "We are very pleased to be welcoming Professor Coker to the University for what should be a very interesting talk."

Christopher Coker is also the author of "Barbarous Philosophers: Reflections on the Nature of War from Heraclitus to Heisenberg"; "Warrior Geeks"; and "Men At War: What Fiction Tells Us About Conflict"

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