Academics in 'Great War Debate'

Professor Stephen Badsey participating in an expert panel answering questions on the First World War for school students in Cambridge, 22 February 2017.University of Wolverhampton historians have been taking part in a series of expert panels answering school students' questions on the First World War.  The panels form part of the ‘Great War Debate’ series of events funded by the Department of Education.

Professor Stephen Badsey and Professor Gary Sheffield took part on the first panel in Manchester in June 2016.  Professor Badsey has since been on panels in Edinburgh and Cambridge and Dr Spencer Jones will be on the next panel in Birmingham in March 2017.

Professor Badsey said: "This is an invaluable opportunity, for me as much as for the school students; one of the best ways for me to learn more about history is to be asked questions by bright young people."

Panels have run approximately monthly since June 2016, and will carry on into 2018, run by Hopscotch Consulting.‌

Pictured: Professor Stephen Badsey (left) participating in panel in Cambridge, 22 February 2017.