Study abroad

All students at the University of Wolverhampton have the possibility to spend a semester or a year abroad as part of the degree programme. For students of languages, the year abroad is highly recommended, though not compulsory.

Spending a semester or a year abroad is highly beneficial on a number of levels. Your linguistics abilities will improve immensely, and you will discover a new culture and way of life. You will also acquire new skills, and mature and gain confidence.

There are three possibilities whilst studying abroad:

Study placement

You can study at a partner institution as part of the ERASMUS programme. You do not pay any fees during the placement if you go for a whole academic year (2 semesters) and are awarded a small ERASMUS grant every month. 

English assistantship

You can work as an English language assistant in a primary or secondary school, or in higher education. The scheme is organised by the British Council, and the assistant is paid whilst working. The duration of the placement is normally one academic year, ie. 8 or 9 months.  Find out more at the British Council.

Work placement

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to take part in 9-month work placement within the European Union. 

You will have the opportunity to work in a French business, have French colleagues, improve your linguistic skills rapidly, but also improve many important skills that will make you more easily employable after you have graduated from the University. 

Some costs will be paid for (travel, accommodation) and you will be given a monthly salary as well.