The University’s Law School has over 30 years’ experience of supporting students throughout the UK and other countries. Our expertise is respected and highly valued in the legal sector.

Course areas:

  • LLB (Hons) Law

  • Accounting & Law
  • Business & Law
  • Human Resource Management and Law
  • Law & Philosophy
  • Social Policy & Law
  • Foundation years and sandwich courses are also available for some of our law courses.

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  ‘Off the Shelf’ Workshops

  • Judgement Day: Participants in this session take on the role of court judges within the English legal system tasked with determining sentences, based on individual case studies.
  • Bullying and the Law: Looking at the implications of bullying and the legal consequences.
  • How to get away with Crime: A lecture on the capacity defences of automatism, intoxication and insanity. 
  • Courtroom

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