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Faculty of Social Sciences Student Services

Independent, impartial support and advice covering all aspects of the student experience.

Find us in the Faculty Office, Room MU202 on the second floor of the Lord Swraj Paul Building (Business School building)

Telephone: 01902 321789


Open: Monday - Friday,  8.45am - 5pm

We also offer an in-house academic skills service which you can access if you would like to further develop your study skills.

Student Services Administrators

Amy Sharp‌Amy Sharp

Student Services Administrator

Graduated in BA (Hons) English 2012.

Pushpa Suwali‌Pushpa Suwali

Student Services Administrator

Graduated in BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice and Social Policy in 2014.

How we can help you

Our Student Services Administrators are your first point of contact when you contact the Student Services office. Our role is to:

  • provide first-line triage to all student queries
  • administer assignment submissions
  • conduct the International monthly check-in
  • assist with SAMs and Academic Skills appointments.

Amy says...

‌What do I most enjoy about my job?

I enjoy the diversity of my role; working with students and helping solve their issues to enable them to fulfil their true potential and gain the degree they’ve worked hard towards.

What advice would I give?

I would advise students to ask for assistance whenever needed – no question is a stupid one. Make the most of your time at University, they really are the most enjoyable years of your life.

Pushpa says...

What do I most enjoy about my job?

What I enjoy most about my role as a student services administrator is the interaction with the students, being able to explore diverse issues and situations and having the ability to help. But not only that, the staff at the University are great to work with and are always supportive.

What advice would I give?

If there was a bit of advice I would give a student – it would be to take every opportunity available, you don’t know where it may get you!


Student Advisors

Lynne CliffeFaculty Student Advisor - Undergraduate Business Subjects

Lynne Cliffe


Tel: 01902 323631

Kiran Dhaliwal‌‌Faculty Student Advisor - Postgraduate Full-time and Apprenticeships

Kiran Dhaliwal


Tel: 01902 323827

Faculty Student Advisor ‌for Undergraduate Law & Social Science, Historical and Political Studies

Tel: 01902 321640

Abi SpenceF‌aculty Student Advisor for Postgraduate & Professional Programmes

Abi Spence


Tel: 01902 323758

Roles of a Student Advisor

  • Support individual student  difficulties in liaison with colleagues in the Faculty of Social Sciences and the wider University 
  • Support and mentor the Graduate Interns
  • Understand the student  journey and support them throughout their programme to reach their full potential
  • Engage with students to promote support available
  • Encourage students to utilise the support offered

What support can we offer?

  • Advice on University regulations
  • Programmes advice
  • Signposting
  • Progression advice
  • Advice on extenuating circumstances and extensions

Lynne says...

What do I most enjoy about my job?

Meeting with students from so many different backgrounds and helping them navigate through University life as someone did for me when I was at University.

What advice would I give?

Get involved in as many activities and initiatives that you can. Volunteer to build up your CV.  Get to know your lecturers and try to make as many friends as possible. It goes by so quickly but leaves you with memories for a lifetime.

Lynne graduated in BA (Hons) Design Studies with Media and Cultural Studies in 1998.

Kiran says...

What do I enjoy most about my job?

I think the most enjoyable aspect of the job is the difference you can make to a student in supporting them throughout their studies. No matter what type of issue, how big or small, if you are able to successfully help and support a student, it makes the role worthwhile.

What advice would I give?

To take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, whether it is the support available from the Faculty Student Services, the Careers and Workplace team or the developmental opportunities such as Career Development Week and guest lectures. Engaging with the university beyond an academic level enriches your experience as a student and provides you with opportunities that you would not initially think were available to you.

Kiran graduated in BA (Hons) History in 2016.

Abi says...

What do I most enjoy about my job?

As I am a cross-faculty student advisor I enjoy the variety of tasks and student interaction that comes with each programme I support. I also support professional programmes which enables me to work with professional bodies outside the university in ensuring students have the best student experience possible.

What advice would I give?

I would continue to give the advice that assisted me in securing the role as Graduate Intern in 2014 - which is to simply ask. I would encourage all students to ask for help when needed, even if you feel the query may be small - do not hesitate ask. As a Student Services team it is our job to assist you and ensure you enjoy your student experience here.

With asking for assistance, students should also ask other students if they need help. Transitioning to higher education can be daunting and asking a fellow student if they need any help may be a gesture that assists them in continuing on in their degree and can lead to forging lifelong friendships.

Abi graduated in BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice and Law in 2014.

Student Services Co-ordinator

Aimee Moreton

Aimee Moreton

Graduated in BA (Hons) Business Management in 2012

My role

My role primarily is to manage the Student Services Team ensuring we deliver excellent customer service throughout the year. I also manage and lead on the planning and implementation of key student-facing activities including enrolment, welcome week, course inductions and graduation.

Aimee says...

What do I most enjoy about my job?

Working with a great team of people who make every effort to create the best possible student experience.

What advice would I give?

This is your time to achieve something great so make the most of every opportunity open to you. There are so many great experiences to be had and people to meet; you just need to get involved!  
If you ever feel overwhelmed don’t be afraid to come and speak to your Student Services Team. We are here to help and we want to see you succeed and have your moment on that Graduation stage! 


Watch our video and find out more about the team.