Maths Teachers Network

Maths Teachers Network

Maths Teachers Network

The Further Mathematics Support Programme and the University of Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton and Walsall Mathematics Teacher Network


Next Meeting - To be confirmed


Summary of previous meeting (Monday 10th November 2016, 4.00pm - 5.30pm at Walsall Campus) 

We looked at each of the awarding body data sets and asked how they could be used in the teaching of statistics and what issues might arise. We looked at some sample assessment questions and discussed to what extent familiarity with the data sets helps in answering these questions.


Paul Chillingworth

Paul is a Central Coordinator for the Further Mathematics Support Programme. He leads the Teaching Statistics Course and coordinates the Senior Team Maths Challenge and the Online Tuition programmes. Prior to working for the FMSP he was Deputy Head at a large international school.

Additional network meetings will be scheduled once per term, allowing teachers to stay in touch with colleagues, discuss important issues and share good practice.


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