There are many opportunities for our students to become STEM Ambassadors during their studies.

STEM Ambassador


Why become a STEM Ambassador?

  • You could use your enthusiasm and commitment to encourage young people to enjoy STEM subjects
  • Boost your confidence and communication skills
  • Add to your experience for your CV

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A day in the life of a STEM Ambassador

Kev Heys is a student on the BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree and a STEM Ambassador.

Key Heys

Tell us about your course

I am studying BSc Computer Science. This is a three year, full time course of which is split up into two semesters, over one year. I am currently, as when writing this, in my second year at university. The modules I have undertaken so far, are: Website Fundamentals, Digital Electronics, Academic and Employability, Practical Projects, Problem solving, Object Oriented programming etc…. It is a fun, enjoyable & interesting course to be on.

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

I was guided toward becoming a STEM Ambassador by one of my year colleagues, at the University. I asked him what it meant to be a STEM Ambassador, and when he started to explain what it was, I was thinking “I wouldn’t mind having a go at that.” So at my next and nearest opportunity, after SciFest 2015, I applied. The intentions were that being a STEM Ambassador would help me on the way to become more confident in front of a class, and this has proven to be true, even to this present day.

What do you gain from this experience?

The experience delivers a range of different benefits. Such as, being able to go into a number of different schools, to talk about your knowledge and passion about the subject of which you love. Also as well as going to schools, you can run STEM events at your own institution, such as University. This also gives positive experience of a differing kind, for instance, in schools you will deliver sessions of your subject, whereas at the University, you could lead University tours to encourage more and more people to sign on to your faculty. It’s really quite exciting.

Would you recommend it to other students?

Absolutely! I would especially recommend being a STEM Ambassador to students, whom are wishing to go into any role of teaching, as well as those who wish to go into industry, however, for me, being a STEM Ambassador has opened up so many doors, in terms of teaching, to gain my experience, of which I am grateful for, so yes I would strongly suggest becoming a STEM Ambassador. It not only gains you good quality experience of the workplace, but also looks good on your CV!

What kind of things do you do as a STEM Ambassador?

As mentioned briefly in the above questions, I personally go into schools and deliver my knowledge and wisdom on the subject of Computer Science, and more recently Embedded Development, in terms of Digital Electronics, of which I had taught myself over a number of weeks and now love delivering such sessions to school students. As well as this, I am part of an organisation called Code Club, of which is a not for profit organisation, which provides free educational support in: Scratch, HTML, CSS and Python programming languages, for children of the ages 9 to 11 and I absolutely love it.


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