Chemistry Outreach

We offer a range of hands on sessions for pupils, if you are interested in of of these sessions please contact us at


Chemistry: Tackling Global Challenges

Age: Pupils currently studying A2 Chemistry

Brief Description:

The programme will consist of experiments and short talks which explore how chemistry can be applied to overcome challenges which affect people all over the world. For example we will demonstrate how carbon can be used for water treatment and discuss applications of mass spectrometry. The experiments will be very hands on, students will work in small groups of two or three and students will have the opportunity to use equipment not usually available in schools.


Chemistry Experience Day

Age: Currently studying AS Chemistry

Brief Description:

A demonstration exhibiting some spontaneous and energetic reactions. Application of IR spectroscopy and GC-MS to an arson case.  Preparation of pear essence (propyl acetate) - Practical work.  Propyl acetate will be prepared by a condensation reaction between a primary alcohol (propan-1-ol) and a carboxylic acid (acetic acid). This organic synthesis will involve use of reflux apparatus and a separating funnel. Additionally, the students will analyse the reactants and product using our portable IR instrument plus 


Wolverhampton Chemistry Quiz and Pizza Night 

Age: Year 12 /13

Brief Description:

Fun and lively quiz for students to test their general and chemistry knowledge against each other. Lots of free pizza included to boost vital brain power!



Chemical Engineering Taster 

Age: Over 16

Brief Description:

Discover the world of Chemical Engineering, what is chemical engineering and how does it benefit the world?