The Morgan Challenge Takes on Donington Park

UWR Morgan Shanes team at Donington Park ‌  

This weekend saw 37 proud Morgan drivers take part in round 4 of the AR Morgan Challenge take place at Donington Park. UWR was divided into two teams to ensure maximum results throughout the day; the Plus 4 team and the ARV6 team.

In driver Tony Hirst's absence, Shane Kelly took to the wheel of the ARV6. Kelly, who is also mentoring both drivers throughout the season, was able to gain a real insight into how best to push the ARV6 to reach its full potential. The first race saw Kelly take home an amazing P1 in class and an unfortunate snapped oil-pump belt lead to a DNF in the second race.

UWR Morgan Student and Craig

The Plus 4 Babydoll Driver, Craig Hamilton-Smith saw success over the weekend as his constant improvements on track lead to both a P9 and P10 in class.

We spoke to Craig after the weekend to find out how he's getting on. 

"I felt very confident thanks to Shane and the team. It's such a nice feeling to know that I don't have to worry about the about the car, the students completely take that stress away from me.

I've found going through the data has been hugely invaluable! It's been a real eye-opener to be able to analyse my performance and to see exactly where I can make time and really eak more out of the car!" 


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