What's On

No tickets? No problem! 

Not to worry SciFest has so much on offer that you can just turn up and join in the fun with

Curbside Gaming - Curbside Gaming will be providing a state-of-the-art gaming van which can hold up to 12 players all playing the latest consoles and games.  The fun doesn’t stop there as we will also be providing 6 of our retro arcade machines.  Each arcade is 2 player and there’s 1000’s of games to choose from.  And if that wasn’t enough there will be a 100” projector screen with HD projector connected to a Nintendo switch for some 4-player action on Mario kart 8 or if you fancy a boogie Just Dance 2019 is available. 

Skill Supply Ltd - Skill Supply are the UKs leading users of drones in education and will be bringing a squadron of drones for you to code.  Using block-based coding you will quickly see your drone take off and follow your commands.  We provide challenges to complete and support to extend your learning. Talk to us about drone-based study and careers and see your coding quite literally take off!

Shropshire Astronomical Society - Have a go at solar viewing with the telescopes provided by the society.

The Chemistry of Flashes and Bangs - Practical demonstartions of the fun side of chemistry and the exploration of the science behind it.

Microbes and Me - A discussion about the role of microbes.

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