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Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

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We're opening a Physics branch at the University of Wolverhampton. Everything is to be done! Challenges are considerable, we're starting from scratch and aim to become internationally leading in within 5 years. This can be achieved by turning challenges into opportunities, providing a unique, outstanding, expert feedback to students and accompany them in the daring choice of a new course in a small University right to the edge of the state of the art, with one feet in the terra incognita and the other rooted in the methods of how to explore and conquer it.

For this we need Physicists who understand Research and Teaching as the two sides of the same coin, and adhere to Feynman's standard of what I cannot explain I do not understand.

We also need Physics students who want to make a difference, and be actors at an international level from day one of their setting foot at the University. This is possible, if you are given the opportunity. Well, Wolverhampton gives you this opportunity.

How to join us?



If you want to join us in building the Physics course and be part of this unique adventure, congratulations! You made a life-changing choice with a first step in a direction that will bring you far.

To keep on going, please apply through the University website.


We are applying for Research Funding to support PhDs and Postdoctoral researchers. All our proposals are still under review, so, regrettably, we do not have currently open positions for Research. Hopefully, this will change soon, so stay alert!

If you have a mean to join with your own funding (Newton fellowship, Marie Curie fellowship, etc.) or any other ways (stays from other groups), please be welcome to contact us:

You can also contact the University to express an interest in pursuing Research in Physics.