Why Forensic Science?

Forensic science is one of the most exciting subjects to study. TV dramas like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Silent Witness and Waking the Dead have undoubtedly added a touch of glamour and intrigue by the way they portray forensic science, but don’t think that potential careers start and end with police work. You’ll be able to make an impression in many other job sectors too!

Opportunities open to you

The legal field, forensic laboratories, scenes of crime work or providing intelligence support for Police forces are some of the careers open to you. You could find yourself in the education sector, in cancer research, or in the pharmaceuticals industry, insurance, finance, trading standards or health and safety.

‌Did you know?

Forensic Science graduates from Wolverhampton have excellent job prospects. 85% of our graduates are in work or further study with 55% in professional or managerial jobs. This means we are one of the top 10 for employability in forensic subject areas.

Find out what some of our students have been getting up to since graduating!

After graduating, Chris Rogers went on to study for a Masters in Forensic and Biological Anthropology at Bournemouth University. He returned to the University of Wolverhampton, studying for a PhD into the postmortem decomposition of hair, cartilage and bone. His research was presented at the Forensic Institute's annual FORREST (FORensic REsearch and Teaching) conference in Coventry, and even featured in the New Scientist! After completing his PhD, Chris took up a post as a Senior Lecturer at Glyndwr University. 

Caroline Brain landed a job working for Orchid Cellmark in Abingdon. Esmin Powner landed a job at the same place having completed her HND prior to joining the BSc Forensic Science course. Amandeep Kaur Chana also completed a HND before her degree and after graduating started working at the West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory as a Medical Technical Officer.  It just goes to show that studying for a HND can be an alternative route into an exciting career!

Emma Clemson graduated with first class Honours in 2007 and now works in the School of Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science as an assistant teacher, providing support for both students and academics. She has studied the course and can provide the help you need almost before you know it!

Sarah Jonas is working for Key Forensic Services in Coventry, training to become a reporting officer. Yaba Agovi went on to study for a degree in psychology and hopes to progress to MSc in forensic psychology. Alanna Anderson became a teacher, one of many of our graduates to choose this career. Gail Heritage is currently working as an MLSO with the NHS.

Laura Tonks and Jackie Townsend secured jobs as Crime Scenes Investigators with Leicestershire Constabulary and West Mercia Police, respectively. Several students on our HND course secured placements with West Midlands Police. This is turning out to be a fruitful collaboration, as two HND students who recently undertook the same placement secured full time jobs with the Police and studied part-time to complete their degrees.

You can see the range of forensic jobs that are available by using the links below: