Why biological sciences?

It’s no exaggeration to say that bioscience is in its most exciting era. The multitude of genome projects offer tremendous potential for medicine to control disease. Every day we discover more about ourselves, and the other living organisms that share our planet. We can show you how biology and biochemistry can help provide real answers to the needs of the environment, our communities and ourselves.

Our Biology Newsletter (PDF 1,081K, Downloads file),

tells you more about the varied activities and

developments within biosciences.

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 The industry

The biosciences industry is currently entering a dynamic phase with job and research opportunities in numerous areas of science. The key areas of development and employment include the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and contract research. You could also find openings in gene therapy, the food industry, water conservation, and in work relating to global warming, the chemical industry, and many, many more.

Specialist areas

Specialist lab-based positions include biotechnologist, microbiologist, molecular geneticist, and biomedical scientist (MLSO). You could also work towards becoming a food technologist, research scientist, quality control scientist, toxicologist, pharmaceutical scientist, or materials scientist.

Other career paths

In addition to these careers, the skills you learn would also be very useful for a clinical cytogeneticist, medical illustrator, medical sales rep, plant geneticist, water quality scientist, marine scientist, occupational hygienist, and science teacher.

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