How you'll study forensic science

You will be attending both lectures and practical classes including laboratory work - there will also be tutorials, seminars and workshop classes.

You’ll be able to share the insight and experience of academics from our Research Institutes in Advanced Technology, and in Healthcare Science - we recently invited the former head of the Science Laboratory at the Metropolitan Police’s Serious Crimes Unit to give a lecture on the use of bloodstain analysis in violent crime Investigation – we believe that if you want an informed opinion, you go to the experts.

Work placements

The majority of our courses offer an optional work placement. This is where the people with the jobs ask for your opinions, analysis and conclusions – over to you, then.


Assignments will vary, from essays and reports to problem-solving and major reporting exercises, both individually and in groups. Assessment for some modules will also feature written examinations – if you study for an honours degree, you’ll undertake an investigative forensic project.