Forensic Facilities

On the face of it, our Scenes of Crime suite looks like a normal furnished flat, but look closer.

The former Porter's lodge is located at the heart of City campus in Wolverhampton, so there is no need to trek out of town for CSI classes!

It is also furnished with CCTV cameras, dummies, replica weapons and - since we’re getting real - horse’s blood and maggots. We asked the West Midlands Police for their advice when setting it all up. This is what it’s really like and how your career could be.

We use it to simulate murders, assaults and break-ins and a variety of other scenarios. It includes a central teaching lab where you examine fingerprints and analyse samples found at the scene as well as footage caught on camera, which you get to review as part of your training.

We also have a well equipped microscopy suite complete with comparison microscope (above) for ballistics and toolmarks comparison, a scanning electron microscope (left), which we can use for elemental analysis as well as microscopy, and an extensive array of equipment for spectroscopic analysis, including a Raman spectral comparator. We use this to help the Bank of England detect forgeries!

A range of apparatus for liquid and gas chromatography and an ABI Prism® 377 Genetic analyser further enhance the analytical equipment available. This extensive range of kit that students can use is one of the reasons why we are accredited by the Forensic Science Society for laboratory analysis.