Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science and Pharmacology Undergraduate Courses

Studying Pharmacy offers an exciting and versatile career path with many diverse opportunities. If you're strong at sciences, a good communicator, and williing to work hard, you will find Pharmacy a satisfying, secure and flexible career path with a variety of job opportunities.

Our Pharmacy Courses

We have several exciting courses within with the Pharmacy field. This includes our GPhC accredited MPharm degree and a new body of postgraduate and CPD courses. Whether you are coming straight from school or are considering a career change, we offer a wide variety of courses to help you reach your career ambitions.


Our MPharm degree is accredited by the GPhC and offers our students a path towards becoming a qualified Pharmacist.

If your interests lie mainly in the science behind drugs and their production then Pharmaceutical Science may be for you. It incorporates many of the latest developments in chemical, biological and biomedical science in this interdisciplinary subject area.

Whereas pharmacy deals with the safe use of medicines, Pharmacology looks at how drugs work. Our institution provides the facilities and academic rigour needed to allow you to investigate how and why the beneficial effects of drugs are brought about.

In addition to our undergraduate courses we are also proud to offer a brand new body of Postgraduate MSc and CPD courses. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a pharmaceutical scientist or pharmacy technician, continued professional development is an essential part of your career. Our range of courses can offer you the opportunity to enhance and develop your studies or current career.

Our Pharmacy Facilities and Staff

Our facilities offer the latest and best opportunities for you to develop the skills necessary for your chosen career. Using specially designed labs, you can get hands on experience of the types of equipment and proceedures that will become part of your working life.


At our institution we need no invitation to boast about our broad body of staff that provide expertise across the pharmacy field. From ground breaking researchers to dedicated hospital pharmacists, our staff offer a firm basis of support for all our students.


We have a large body of research active staff that constantly strive to produce ever more advanced work which contributes to the pharmaceutical society worldwide. We have several members of staff that regularly publish work and have had several successful grant applications. You are invited to view our individual staff members and details of their acheivements.

Useful Links

Whether you're researching a new career or further information to assist your studies, we have compiled a list of useful websites, including links to the GPhC, our accrediting body for the MPharm degree.

If you would like more information about studying with the University of Wolverhampton you can order a prospectus, view our student life pages from our Student's Union or come to our next open day for a chance to meet our staff and discuss our courses.