MPharm Placements

Throughout the four year course you will spend much of your time working on simulated patient scenarios, role plays and case histories through a blend of virtual and classroom-based methods. At our institution we believe that there is no substitute for real life patient contact and workplace experience. We are therefore proud to provide an extensive programme of placement visits in which every student gets a structured experience covering the main employment sectors of pharmacy practice.


Our Trusts

Every year we are lucky enough to offer placements for our students at a variety of trusts and hospitals. Some of those are mentioned below but we have several institutions across the   region that regularly open their doors to our students.





Our Placements

You may be a little worried about the prospect of learning in a hospital environment but you needn’t be. We spend a great deal of effort preparing you for each visit so that you are confident when you get there. Not only that, but you will be supervised by one of our team of hospital teacher practitioners who teach at the University, and also work in practice.


Very early in the course you will experience the pharmacy environment with trips to both a community and a hospital pharmacy department. This helps you to place your studies in a professional context from the outset and then reflect back on those experiences throughout the year.

From years two to four you will follow a structured, integrated programme of placement visits. Our hospital visits are organised with our four local partner NHS Trusts. They are designed run concurrently with disease topics that are studied at the University such as heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. What better way to learn about a condition and its treatment than to talk with patients, review case notes and then analyse a case in detail for your coursework?

For your community and primary care pharmacy placements we also have strong links and placement agreements with several large community pharmacy companies as well as smaller local employers. Here you will undertake additional structured visits to community pharmacies to learn more about their role and the specialised services developing in the sector. We also arrange for you to take an additional trip where you will learn about the role of a primary care pharmacist.

We place a great emphasis on developing your transferable skills. As you progress through the course we ask you to spend time during your placement visits practicing and applying your newfound professional skills. For example, you might be asked to counsel a patient on their new NHS prescription, research a drug-related query, take a real-life medication history or undertake a bedside therapeutic review- all under supervision, of course. We also encourage you to learn more about the pharmacist’s role and place in the healthcare team by interviewing them and other health professionals.

At Wolverhampton we are keen to make sure you get the best start possible to your working life in pharmacy. Seeking holiday jobs in pharmacies is always actively encouraged. Our team of pharmacist lecturers and teacher practitioners have extensive experience in the community, hospital and primary care sectors and know many key local and national contacts. We organise an annual careers fair for pharmacy students where you’ll get the chance to listen to presentations, and also talk to pharmacy employers. We also provide support and guidance to help you complete job applications and write a CV. Not only that, but our pharmacists are always on hand to answer your questions and provide valuable advice.

Furthermore, many of our assessments represent true-to-life pharmacist activities from diagnosing minor ailments, counselling patients and advising doctors; to writing evaluation reports for new drugs and, in small groups, setting up a new pharmacy service.