The SDEC 'Distributed Teaching System' [DTS]

What is the DTS?

Our Distributed Teaching System is the 'selection mechanism' which enables our students to use the accessability facilities in the SDEC and still take part in teaching sessions held in the MA143 [Assembly] Suite below.

How does the DTS work ?

The three principal teaching suites, MA143a, MA143b and MA143d, all have video and audio feeds from their 'projection computers'  to the SDEC control panel.

The user selects their preferred 'station' on the control panel and then selects the output for the appropriate teaching lab.

Prior notification may be useful so lecturers are aware of SDEC students attending their session and to ensure lecturers have a 'radio microphone' and, if required, the student-lecturer two way radio system.

Advantages of the DTS

  • Output from the presentation can be viewed on first monitor with user preferences enabled if required
  • The activity, typically software based exercises, may be undertaken on the second monitor with user preferences invoked
  • Student can listen to audio output as it occurs and record it  for later review if desired.
  • SEC supporter workers can work with their students without distractions from the rest of the group.