Computer Science Graduate Case Study

Steve Campbell - Zeel Solutions Limited

Why did you decide to study Computer Science at the University of Wolverhampton?

As a mature student with a family who lives in Wolverhampton it made sense to stay local, both financially and on a practical basis.  I completed an applied science course at a local college which upon completion enabled entrance to Wolverhampton University.   The deciding factor for me choosing the university was the interesting syllabus they offered for computing with a wide range of topics to study.


Did the degree live up to your expectations?

Very much so, it was a fantastic experience on many different levels.  The knowledge I gained was invaluable and my career could certainly not have taken off the way it did without my years at university. What also was a great factor was all the great people I met and how friendly and extremely helpful all the staff were, there was always guidance available when needed which enabled me to grow.


Which aspects of the degree did you enjoy most?

The whole learning journey, being in an environment that promotes self-development is an exciting and fulfilling experience, and Wolverhampton certainly did this.  It was really good seeing other students around me grow as well, and have infectious enthusiasm and determination to succeed.


What advice would you give to students thinking about studying a Computer Science degree at the

University of Wolverhampton?

If you can, try and do a sandwich course. Along with all the practical experience you will gain you will be able to add a years’ experience onto your CV which can help your chances of getting employment over someone who are fresh out of university.  I completed a year at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football club which was invaluable in helping my career and helped me develop further knowledge outside of what I had been taught.  It was there that I met the M.D of the company I now work for, Zeel Solutions Limited, which has enabled me to grow and develop to where I am now which is head of development and I.T.

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