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Main theme:

‘Psychology & Sustainable Construction’: (Searching the gap between psychology and construction for a sustainable built environment).


1) Human Agency: Building and behaviour

  • Understanding the impact of basic behavioural built environments
  • Behavioural strategies in the development and use of built facilities
  • Creating an ergonomic environment: meeting users’ requirements in building facilities
  • Fit for human residence: Confronting dystopian built environments
  • Building for people and their needs: what people like and dislike
  • Behavioural economics      

2) A room with a View: Landscape and perception

  • Caught between Fear and Desire: The psychology of green belts and development.
  • Landscapes and society: perceptions of space and landscape.
  • The cost of sustainability in developing the environment
  • Sprouting prefabs: perceptions of prefabs as barriers to the acceptability and growth of offsite production.

3) Ergonomics

  • Mindcrafts: Impacts of technology on built facilities usage
  • The dynamism and sustainability of learning spaces
  • The impacts of interior design on user needs

4) Minding the gap: Interdisciplinary approaches

  • A multi-disciplinary approach to developing the built environment research
  • The psychologist in construction
  • Environmental psychology
  • Learning from and with other disciplines: Education in the built Environment
  • Thinking space: developing theoretical and critical analysis in Built Environment Educational programmes

5) Across & within the foregoing four

  • Pedagogy aspects
  • Reviews
  • Case studies
  • Conceptual frameworks

6) Construction & Project Management

  • Any aspect of project or construction management