Concrete Manufacturing Facility

The Department of Civil Engineering has a fully equipped laboratory for the manufacture and testing of concrete materials. The laboratory includes: 



A cement mixer which is used during classes at the university to teach students how to make concrete samples
A series of different shape concrete moulds. Including for cube and cylinder shapes for materials testing in addition to beam moulds for structural testing. 
On site curing tanks where the specimens are allowed to cure under water in standard conditions prior to testing. 
Flow table used for measuring the workability of concrete.
Vibrating table, used to assist in the compaction of concrete and then remove air bubbles from the mix.
Slump cone, used for measuring the workability of concrete.
Buoyancy balance, used for measuring the specific gravity of concrete samples 
Vibrating poker, used for compacting larger concrete samples and removing air bubbles.
Wash stations, high pressure over head cleaning systems which greatly increase the ease of cleaning moulds and equipment and ensure there is no cross contamination of samples.