The INSTINCT Project


  • Many people still develop stress due to work.  A bit of stress (eustress) is notably good in that it can boost mental and physical capacity, however extreme stress (distress) can be counter-productive as it has negative health and psychological consequences.
  • This research is concerned with establishing the threshold of when eustress translates into distress.
  • Thus an intervention to curb the onset of stress is being proposed in the form of a user friendly IT tool 'Stress-Blocker' (Streblo).  The INSTINCT (INhibiting STress IN the ConsTruction Industry) project will use coping behaviours to develop Streblo which will focus on the avoidance, early detection and management of stress-related events.  Streblo will be a cloud-based IT Application (app) designed to operate on computers, mobile phones, tablets and hand-held devices.
  • This project will provide for thre first time an effective instrument for the prevention of stress in different construction job profiles and by means of web technologies.


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Data Collection


Dr Ezekiel Chinyo, Senior Lecturer, Principal Investigator, Faculty of Science and Engineering, (+44) 01902 321043 e.chinyo@wlv.ac.uk


Dr Silvia Riva, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Psychologiost, Faculty of Science and Engineering, (+44) 01902 328745 r.riva@wlv.ac.uk