Name Dr Steve Anderson
Job Title Senior Lecturer (Pharmacology) and Admissions Tutor
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Pharmacy
Subject(s) Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacy
Tel 01902 321127

Steve Anderson

Steve qualified as a pharmacologist in 1994 from the University of Bath, before moving to the University of Birmingham’s Physiology Department to undertake postgraduate research into the effects of physical exercise on skeletal muscle ischaemia.

In 1999 he obtained his PhD and began post-doctoral research into the characteristics of quiescent and activated human neutrophils.  In 2001 he began a second post-doctoral study into the benefits of exercise training in chronic heart failure.

In 2003, he joined the University of Wolverhampton to lecture in Pharmacology and Physiology.  Soon after starting Steve became the Award Leader for a physical rehabilitation studies programme, then between 2005 and 2010 he was the Admissions Tutor for Pharmacy.  Steve was then the award leader for the M.Pharm. Pharmacy course.  Between 2014-15, Steve became an Admissions Tutor again, before taking over as Course Leader for the undergraduate Pharmacology degree.

Steve is actively involved with teaching on the HND and B.Sc. Pharmaceutical ScienceB.Sc. Pharmacology and M.Pharm. Pharmacy degree courses and the Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing’s V100, V150 and V300 courses.

Exercise physiology with particular reference to the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

British Microcirculation Society (1995-present date).

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