Name Professor Stephen Britland
Job Title Professor and Head of the School of Pharmacy
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Pharmacy


Tel 01902 322140

Stephen Britland Image

Head of Wolverhampton School of Pharmacy (2013-) Associate Dean for Research and Post-graduate Studies, Faculty of Science and Engineering (2014-)

Head of Pharmacology, Univ. of Bradford, UK (2008-2013) and Team Leader – Clinical Therapeutics, Univ. Bradford, UK (2011-2013)

Reader in Cell Biology, Univ. Bradford, UK (2003-2013)

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, Univ. Bradford (2001-2003)

Lecturer in Pharmacology, Univ. Bradford (1997-2001)

Research Fellow 1994-1997, Dept. of Electronics, Univ. Glasgow.

Lecturer in Neuroscience 1990-1994, Institute of Neurology, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, University of London. (Awarded Recognised Teacher Status in Neuropathology 1993).

Post-doctorate research assistant 1989-1990, Depts. of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Cell Biology, University of Glasgow.

Post-doctorate research assistant 1988-1989, Dept. of Anatomy, University of Aberdeen.


Throughout my career the scope of my interests and outputs has been broad and included advanced microscopical techniques for interface imaging (funded by EPSRC), point-of-care diagnostics for chronic wound management (funded by TSB/AGT Sciences Ltd), in vitro pharmacological models of skin disease (funded by Reckitt Benckiser Ltd), mimetic cartilage replacement devices (funded by Yorkshire Forward/AGT Sciences Ltd), pulmonary drug delivery (White Rose Health Innovation Partnership), infection control (Industry/USA), magnetophoretic drug delivery (Industry/Australia), stem cell work (EPSRC/China Bridges) and lastly the area that has generated most media interest work on the biochemistry of Lucilia Serricata biotherapy in wound management and its application to biotechnology (TSB/DTI/AGTS sciences Ltd.). I’m currently working with the ‘ceutics team at Wolverhampton School of Pharmacy in the areas of drug delivery in wound management and pharmaceutical engineering applications for personalised medicine.

Member of a NIHR Healthcare Technology Strategic Partnership. April 2012. Work Stream: Experience Based Co Design for wound care devices, technologies, technology-dependent interventions. Director: Professor Peter Vowden, BIHR, Bradford Royal Infirmary. Co- applicants: S. Britland Pharmacy Wolverhampton; J. Nixon and A. Nelson, Leeds University; P.Grocott and R. Glenn, King’s College London; J. Steven, Birmingham NHS Trust.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2007-)

Member of the Academic Pharmacy Group, RPSGB/RPS (1997-)

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